Security Lighting

A security light from Southern Power District is the perfect way to light up your driveway or farm yard. Equipped with a photocell, the lights come on at dusk and go off at dawn. SPPD leased lights are available for customers with overhead electric service coming into their property.

Southern will install lighting on existing district owned pole(s) on premises already served under another rate schedule. Installation of the light shall be such that all energy used will not record on the customer's meter and is included in the monthly lease fee.

Terms of Lease:
All contracts for installation of lights will be for a minimum of one year. Southern will require payment of all remaining months of the lease if the customer does not keep the light(s) for the full contract period.

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Southern will maintain light(s) without charge unless abuse or vandalism causes damage. Maintenance will be performed during normal working hours only. District personnel must have reasonable access to the premises for installation, maintenance and removal. The district reserves the right to remove light(s) damage by abuse or vandalism.

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