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About the GenerLink Transfer Switch

Southern Power District is now offering the GenerLinkTM emergency transfer switch to help you deal with storm-related power outages.

Generlink makes connecting your home to a generator easier and safer. It is a collar-shaped device that is installed behind your meter by SPD linemen.

Generlink automatically disconnects your home from utility power when a portable generator is operating. It eliminates the use of multiple extension cords to individual appliances, and prevents back feeding of electricity back onto the utility grid, which poses a danger to our linemen.

GenerLink is equipped with GenerLok*, a unique interlocking power cord for connecting a portable generator. This provides the flexibility to run virtually any appliance, up to the capacity of the generator, by simply energizing appliances from the breaker panel.

GenerLink has a maximum capacity of 40 amps (9,600 watts).

The Generlink includes surge protection with Manufacturers Limited Warranty 15 Year Product Coverage.

Southern Power District is offering the GenerLInk to its customers for $7.75 per month, with a 24-month lease agreement, charged to your regular monthly electric bill. *The GenerLok power cord requires a deposit of $150.00. The cost of the generator is not included. Visit this link for a list of generators which are compatible with GenerLink.

If you would like more information about GenerLink, contact Sam Reinke at 1-800-579-3019.

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